Who We Are

Michelle and Alex, A 20-something couple living in Venice Beach. We love being active, but also have an obsession for delicious snacks (who doesn't?) Every time we had a craving we felt held back by processed foods with long ingredient lists that seemed to be everywhere in packaged foods.

The Creation

Wanting something she couldn't find anywhere else, a salty sweet indulgence with real organic ingredients, Michelle let her passion come to life in her home kitchen. After a lot of trial and error, with Alex and friends as her feedback, she created something truly decadent - a dark chocolate bar with a gooey center made from medjool dates.

Why Mild Addictions?

We love Mild Addictions because we feel it's a great representation of ourselves - balancing an active, healthy lifestyle while making sure to fully enjoy life. We don’t see anything wrong with a little indulgence, especially when it gives you something back nutritionally!

What’s Next?

Now working with organic farmers and suppliers, and bringing Michelle's creation to over 50 stores, we've outgrown our home kitchen and are now handmaking chocolates from our very own private kitchen in LA. We're super excited to have a mini chocolate factory where we can continue to create organic indulgences for you in 2024 :)