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Peanut Butter 3 Pack

Peanut Butter 3 Pack

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3 Pack. Organic natural peanut butter mixed with Medjool dates. This chocolate has a gooey peanut and date center. We use crunchy peanut butter to give it some extra texture. Our best seller. Enjoy!
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Customer Reviews

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Judy Tate
Also, yummy!!

Really good!!!!! Worth ordering!!!

Cool Experience

First introduced to the business from the the comment section of tiktok while I was watching tingz ASMR video. Ordering and shipping was extremely fast and I always got an update when checking my order. Arrived at my door in great condition and taking my fist bite was and experience. Extremely rich and salted nicely because of the peanut butter, couldn't taste the peanut butter unless I specifically dug into the center, so all in all, I'm not disappointed at all. May your business do well for as long as you need it to.

claire Jennings
The best chocolate

I really love these bars! They are thick, delicious and much healthier than other brands. I also like the size and packaging.

Samantha M

My fav so far!!! The perfect amount of peanut butter to chocolate ratio can’t really tell there are dates inside but the flavor is magical!!! Will be ordering more!!

Eric M

Who doesn’t love peanut butter?! For those Reese’s lovers out there that also like a bit sweetness, this is the bar for you. The added date flavor is the perfect combo with the chocolate and peanut butter. This also goes great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!